If you are a business, looking for flexible and hassle-free office accommodation, then serviced office space could be the solution for you. In addition, depending where you wish to be located, serviced office space could also be more cost-effective than taking out a conventional lease on business premises. Here we explain how serviced office space works and the benefits it could bring to you and your business.

Who might take serviced office space?

Many different sizes of business choose to use serviced office space. For small businesses and start-ups, they are available for them to use as a virtual office as it means they can have a business address, phone number and answering service but without having a physical presence in the building. This is great for businesses who are mainly home-based employees as it also gives them the opportunity to use the actual office space, if and when they need it, due to expansion or business requirements.

Medium-sized enterprises who do require the use of the actual office space find serviced offices are ideal as they can be quickly set up and provided with great facilities. They can also be utilised by larger businesses who may want to move some of their employees to a new location, have somewhere that smaller teams can work out of, or simply require temporary premises until something permanent becomes available.

What are the benefits of serviced office space?

A major benefit for business in leasing serviced office space is that IT services can be managed for you as part of the package. Businesses generally provide their own computer hardware, however the office provider will be able to supply either just a shared network or other more sophisticated services, the price for which will be added to the office rental.

Another major benefit to housing your business in a serviced office is the fact that it will provide you and your business with the flexibility you need, which is increasingly important in today’s economic climate. Whether you need less space, or more, this can usually be accommodated quickly and easily in serviced office space, while businesses who have a conventional lease will generally find it difficult and time consuming to make such changes.

Additionally and unlike conventional business premises, you can often move in and out at relatively short notice, adding to the flexibility.

Using a serviced office for your business can actually work out cheaper and more cost effective in the long run than taking out a conventional lease on business premises. As with any premises the costs will vary depending on how long you require them, where they are located and how much desk space you need, but taking all this into account they can often provide better value for money than their conventional counterparts.

Hopefully this has provided you with some insight into the benefits that serviced offices can provide for you and your business. You will need to be very clear about your requirements to ensure that you receive the best possible service for your business.

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