Finding what you need is easier if you have an organised closet. If you’re in a hurry, you can grab whatever you want and get ready to leave. These are some ways to group clothes and accessories for easy identification.


Grouping the clothes by colour is useful if you wear them based on your mood. There might be some days when you want to wear plain white or go bold with red. You might also attend events where you can only choose specific colours, like a wedding. With colour grouping, it’s easier to find what you need. 


If you reside in an area where there are four seasons a year, you can group your clothes by season. You can set aside the ones that are out of season in favour of the clothes you currently need. Besides, if the season changes, the entire bunch of garments meant for a different season will be useless. 


Some of your clothes are perfect for regular days, while others are for formal events. You might want to group them by purpose so you will know where to look. Formal clothes are also more delicate and expensive, and it’s easier to protect them. 

Frequency of use

You might have favourites among the clothes in your closet. You don’t mind using them over and over again. Therefore, it helps if you place the more frequently used clothes on top while the others can go below. You might even want a separate container for clothes you rarely use. 

Tops vs. bottoms

A common way of grouping clothes is by having all tops in one area and the bottoms in another. You can group them further by design or style. For instance, all crop tops can be in one area and long-sleeves in another. 

Group accessories together

If you own belts, ties, jewellery, and sunglasses, you can group them. It’s easier to find them if they’re in one place. You can have a drawer composed entirely of sunglasses. You can also convert another drawer into a jewellery box if you own several pieces. If you don’t own too many accessories, you can place them in one corner for easy identification.

You need a customised wardrobe 

It will be easier to organise your wardrobe if you have customised furniture. You can determine the number of panels, drawers, and layers based on your needs. You can also tweak the size to suit your area. If your bedroom isn’t too big, a smaller wardrobe will suffice. The same thing applies if you don’t own too many clothes. 

Partner with a quality wardrobe builder to guarantee that your fitted wardrobe will last long. You can even determine the type of materials to use. Since you will use the closet for a long time, you shouldn’t settle for anything less. It will permanently alter the appearance of your bedroom, so it needs to look great. Get inspired by lifestyle magazines and websites if you don’t know where to start.  

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