Horses often feel very uncomfortable especially during the hottest days of the year. Therefore, you should make few essential arrangements for giving the highest comfort to your horses during summers. Arranging turnout rugs would be the best solution that can protect the horses from extreme heat outside.

How to take good care of horses during summers?

It is very much essential for taking care of the hydration part of your horse. This is because during summers horses need a lot of water to consume for staying hydrated throughout the whole day. On an average, horses take water up to 25 litres in a single day. But this measure might vary from one horse to another therefore you have to keep a ken watch on your horse’s daily consumption of water during summers and have to arrange accordingly. If the horses stay hydrated then only they will remain healthy for long and will be able to survive in summers. On the other hand, sufficient amounts of water daily can also help in preventing colic risk and hat stress in horses.

Heat stress is one of the major issues that most horses experience during the summer-time. Not only water can control the same, you also need to make your horse wear such a kind of clothing that is heat-protecting in nature. In this case, turnout rugs can be definitely used. Horses should be kept under cooler shades. Every year, lots of horses suffer acutely from heat stress and its symptoms and become severely ill. If you do not want the same for your horse then you should make necessary arrangements for protecting your horse from heat stress. There should be proper ventilation around otherwise the horses might face the difficulty of breathing. You can also apply para-aminobenzoic acid containing sunscreens for protecting the horses from UV-rays’ effects. On the other hand, UV-blocking fly masks can also be used as an alternative option.

The barn should always be equipped with a proper first-aid kit so that the horses can be immediately treated with the medicines. Different anti-inflammatory medicines or lotions need to be kept within the first-aid box. Expired medicines should be replaced with the new ones from time to time.

You should make your horse bath properly on a daily basis in cold water so that they can release the excess heat of their body. After bathing is over you have to put the turnout rugs on them properly. 

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