Since the must needed update that flashlights got in 2015 a lot of flashlight models appeared on the market. Since the update on the flashlights they became more than just simple lights. Nowadays every flashlight available on the market is seen as a multi-functional tool that can be helpful in everyday situations. One of the flashlights models that became trending in the past several months are the tactical flashlights.

Since most tactical flashlights are designed mostly for military purposes it is considered that they are 10 years more advance than every other available flashlight technology. 

Alumitact X700 Tactical Flashlight

Known as the flashlight with the most available featured modes this flashlight is the most sold flashlight of 2015 and the second most sold flashlight of 2016. Released last year in March, in the time period of just one year this flashlight managed to sell more than 5 million units worldwide. As a mentioned before the advantage that this flashlight has over its competition is in their multiple featured modes. Regular flashlights have from 1 to 3 featured modes but the X700 tactical flashlight has 10 featured modes witch is more than a military flashlight has. Beside the multiple featured modes this flashlight is known for its hilly neutralizing power mode. With the strobe mode on the X700 tactical flashlight you are able to neutralizing any kind of potential danger within seconds.

G700 tactical military flashlight     

Tactical military flashlights are known for its durability and when it comes to durability there isn’t a more durable flashlight on the market than the G700 tactical military flashlight. Released this year in January in just 5 short months this flashlight has managed to sell more than 3 million units worldwide. If you are more of an outdoor man and like to do outdoor activities then this flashlight is the most compactable flashlight for you. Its body structure is made with the indestructible aircraft aluminum which is also used in manufacturing military equipment. With the aircraft aluminum this flashlight is extremely durable in harsh conditions and it can also be used underwater.

X800 tactical led flashlight

The number one priority that tactical flashlights have is lumen capacity and when it comes to large lumen capacity there isn’t a brighter flashlight on the open market than the X800 tactical led flashlight. Released last year in April this flashlight was the second most sold flashlight of 2015 and third bestselling flashlight of 2016 with 2 million units sold worldwide. Armed with a lumen capacity of 1000 lumens the X800 flashlight is able to instantly turn night into a day with just one simple click of a baton. Beside the fact that this flashlight is the brightest of them all, it is also one of those flashlight that has a long lasting battery capacity. This flashlight is able to last up 48 hours of constant working.

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