In this article, we are going to be talking about the expectations and reality of these bobbleheads.We are also going to be discussing the steps to make these custom bobbleheads at home.

Steps to make these personalized bobbleheads

Below mentioned are the steps which anyone can follow to make a custom bobblehead.

  • The first step is that you will need to buy all the materials and things required.
  • Then you will have to arrange all the things on the workstation or the table.
  • Then you will have to make two holes in the stand of the figure.
  • Then you will have to put a cut out of wire and make the legs and lower body.
  • Then you will have to cover it with clay and foil around the clay.
  • Then you will have to make a U-shaped cut out of the other wire and make the upper body.
  • Then you will have to cover the wire with clay and then cover it with foil.
  • Then you will have to bake the formation in the oven at 250 degrees and for an hour.
  • Then you will have to remove the figure and let it cool down a bit.
  • After it has cool down, you can take a knife and photo and start sculpting.
  • Then after sculpting, you can color them according to the picture.
  • Then you will have to let the paint dry up, and then you can pack them for gifting or keep them.

What are the bobbleheads’ expectations?

The most common expectation is that it will look exactly like the picture provided.This is not possible as they are made from clay, and the features have been sculpted on them.All the imperfection can happen during the manufacturing phase, and it is a difficult thing.

As you have to make the base, the legs, and then the upper body and let them bake and then sculpt.The custom-made bobbleheads possess superior quality as they have to be made to impress them.This is because they want the customer to take and then pass the information on to others and keep it as a memory.

What is the reality of bobbleheads?

The main reason for anyone to create bobbleheads is to give someone as a gift or keep it for themselves.It is very easy for a person to take a photo and tell the company to build a figure to impress others.The most common use of these custom-made figures is in the wedding that is in the form of a cake topper.Also, you can make these out of anything you want and just have to tell the company to make it.

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