We are awash with data, it is literally everywhere we look. The problem is that people have a tendency to view it as being benign and that there aren’t those unscrupulous individuals out there who could take advantage of it to the worst possible degree. Unfortunately, recent history is replete with examples to the contrary. Shredding companies UK can provide a business with effective waste paper disposal that can ensure that nobody attached to a business is at risk of identity theft or the other myriad issues that arise from improper data destruction.

All of this ultimately relies upon accreditation and the best shredding companies will meet the grade for different criteria. The most immediate is the quality control of ISO 9001 which ensures that the practices within the company are up to international standards. They should also be a member of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) and will also have accreditation to BS 15713.

The shredders used should be able to accept more than just paper – and this is the biggest reason a business should not shred their own data – they can accept fabrics and plastics as well as being able to handle high loads. This means the destruction of USB sticks, industrial templates and uniforms. High capacity shredders can obliterate the data in a matter of seconds, reducing it to the size of confetti and ensuring that it is completely impossible that it can be reconstructed. As a final measure, operatives should be CRB checked and BS7858 approved.

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