If you are replacing your hot water system, it is well worth considering installing a tankless water heater instead of a traditional tank. There are many reasons to do so and here are just a few of them.

Save Space

A tankless water heater takes up far less space than a traditional water tank. These tankless heaters use a heat exchanger to heat the water. When the tap is turned on cold water is drawn across the heat exchanger and warmed. The water that comes out of the tap is just as hot as the water that comes from a traditional hot water system.

There is the added benefit that they can be installed anywhere there is electric or gas and a cold water supply. This means that tankless water heaters can be installed practically anywhere in the home or garden.

Save Money

Those who install Simi Valley tankless water heaters can save themselves money on their power bills. Because there is not a huge tank of water to be heated it takes far less energy to provide the household with hot water. Only the water that is actually needed gets heated, which saves a considerable amount of energy. Many traditional water heaters have reservoir tanks that keep a small amount of water hot. This is necessary so that when the homeowner turns on the tap they get instant hot water rather than having to let the water run for five to ten minutes to trigger the boiler so that it heats the water. Keeping this standby reservoir of water warm consumes power around the clock.

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