When it comes to personalized greetings cards the one thing that still matters is design. Whether the customer can upload their own personal photographs or images to be printed out in high quality, the contextualizing design must be clean, clear, adaptable and as interesting as possible. As more and more customers have chosen to buy personalized mothers day cards online, the focus has shifted more and more to design quality.

This is the one occasion during the year that mum should really get the day off and coupling it with a personal photo or greetings card can make the day all the more special. The design is one of the most important things that helps to draw people in, from the cute, flowery cards that signify more emphasis on affection to the humorous newspaper report cards that allow a great deal of customization. This is really where the design and the combustibility come together, since the paper must look believable but should give as much scope for creativity as possible, giving the user the opportunity to write their own story. A photo may accompany the card which may be processed to suit the aged style of sepia.

Other cards may rely solely on humor through a customization message or joke. Simply inserting a name will complete the card. The great news is that these cards are not more expensive than one would typically find on the high street, even though they have the customisable edge. However, there is often more variety with different card sizes to choose from.

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