Sleigh bells are in the air, seasonal cheer is filling homes across the nation and last-minute shoppers are attacking the high street with full force—yes, Christmas is rapidly approaching, and that means you need to be prepared. Unfortunately it’s easy to overlook the smaller aspects of Christmas prep with things like batteries often being left until the last minute, but that can be a big mistake. We’ve all had those years when our brand new gadgets are unworkable because we don’t have any batteries to put in them, with young and old a like being left disappointed as their new toys remain in the box until the shops re-open, so getting replacement batteries before the big day should be high on the list of priorities.

With so many products needing batteries these days you shouldn’t even consider starting Christmas without having a decent stockpile in your cupboard. Even if your chosen device states that batteries are included it makes sense to be prepared—you never know quite how long those batteries are going to last, and you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a useless gadget part way through Christmas day. There’s nothing worse than needing a replacement battery only to find one can’t be found and you don’t want to be reduced to scrounging half-empty batteries from various remote controls either, so always make sure you’ve got a good supply of alternatives close to hand and you can be totally prepared this festive season for a very merry Christmas.

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