Accurate weighing of products is an essential part of the packing process and more accurate and automated this process becomes the more efficient your production line. One very effective method of weighing products is using multi head Weighers, but what is it and what are the benefits?

Multi-head weighers work like this: the product is separated into different weigh hoppers, then the onboard computer decides which hoppers to open so that a combination from different hoppers is combined to come as closer as possible to a target pack weight.

The two main benefits of multi head weighing are speed and accuracy.The system can be considered very fast, as it deals with multiple products from weighting to packing, and so you can radically improve the speed of your production line.

Speed would not be an advantage if accuracy was compromised. The multi head weighing system also offers accuracy to the weighing process. Therefore, you can not only increase the speed of production but simultaneously decrease instances of giveaway, i.e. Wastage of products.

All sorts of products can be weighed using multi head weighing systems. Whilst not suitable for products that are awkwardly shaped, there is a massive range of products that are suitable. These kinds of products include chocolate, confectionery, biscuits and even frozen seafood.

For many products, multi head weighing is the industry standard and widely recognized as the best way of weighing and packing products.

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