Trees are one natural resource that adds a lot of value to both residential and commercial properties. It adds to the literal value of the residential property and reduces cooling costs by almost half. For commercial properties, it improves the overall aesthetics of the building, cutting down the surrounding pollution.

As trees offer us so much, it becomes our duty to groom and trim them regularly and adequately. With tree surgeons Essex services, you can get your trees perfectly trimmed.

What is looping and topping?

Looping includes cutting trees vertically along with side branch removal. Topping too is a tree trimming procedure in which a vast portion of the crown is expelled. It involves horizontal cuts that are done through the main stems. If your yard and its surrounding areas face issues due to trees, it is the right time to trim them. 

What are the problems caused by improper trimming?

Many issues can occur with the tree in case the technique of looping or topping is not proper. It will include problems like:-

  • Its abilities to fight decays will reduce due to the injuries caused by random trimming
  • During the trimming process, if a large section of leaves is expelled, then the tree can die due to starvation

Hence it becomes crucial to hire professionals who have expertise in lopping and topping.

Some features that you should look out for in a good tree lopping company are:-

  • They should possess all the certifications required for tree lopping. Getting certified would mean they are serious with their work and have the right qualification and knowledge to prune the trees.
  • The company should possess proper equipment for tree pruning. For example, no one should wear spikes while going up on a tree.
  • The company should follow all the standard safety measures. The trimming crew should possess proper safety equipment like hard hats, chainsaws, etc., in case any issues occur. No one must get harmed or fatally injured while working at your premises.
  • The company should be able to address all your queries as required. The more they can assure you about the work, the more you will rely on them. You should also check online to see reviews of their previous customers.

They will give a whole new makeover to your house’s garden area without hampering your trees’ health. Hire a renowned pruning company that has positive feedback from its customers.

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