The manufacturing industry includes all the industries that are involved in the manufacturing and processing of items. With ISO standards for manufacturing industry, the industries can work in a specified pattern.

Manufacturing industries are the paramount wealth producing sectors of all the economies. Especially in developed countries, this industry contributes a significant share. The manufactured products can serve as finished good or intermediate goods for further production of the products.

There are various manufacturing industries that are categorized into construction industries, chemical industries, electronics industries, engineering industries, energy industries, food and beverage industries, metalworking industries, plastic industries, textile industries, transport and telecommunication industries.

For all the industries, there are certain standards that allow professionals to follow specific processes. According to the advancement in technology, there are various technologies and methods widely used for the manufacturing process.

The ISO 9000 group provides guidance to the companies. It includes all the standard components and tools to be used by the industry for ensuring the quality of products and services. This is necessary for matching the customer’s requirements.

ISO 9001:2015 is one of the standards that explain the criteria for a quality management system. This standard can be used by any big or small organization. According to a report, there are more than one million organizations in over 170 countries that are certified to ISO 9001.

With industry standards, customers can get good quality products and services. In different industries, there are various metals used for manufacturing. For providing the best results, the companies follow standards for ferrous metals.

There are different kinds of ferrous metals such as cast iron and steel, stainless steel, carbon steel and special steels. Among these, carbon steel is tough and can be hardened or tempered. These are used for cutting tools such as drills.

Stainless steel is tough, resistant to stains and rust. This is widely used in cutlery and medical instruments. In addition to this, there is a cast iron which is strong but brittle. It is widely used for manhole covers, engines and castings.

Another type of ferrous metals is wrought iron which has 100 percent iron contents. It is tough, ductile, and resistant to rust. The metal is used for making ornamental gates and railings. These railings and gates are commonly used in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Ferrous metals are mainly due to their high durability and tensile strength. Among the metals, mild steel is commonly used for holding up the longest bridges and tallest skyscrapers in the world. In addition to these products, ferrous metals are also used for manufacturing of ships, household appliances, railroad tracks, steel beams, food packaging, and containers.

There are different industries using ferrous metals for automobiles, large-scale piping, rails for railroad and transportation, and more. The ferrous metals have magnetic properties that make them suitable for manufacturing the large motors. In addition to this, these are also used for manufacturing different electrical appliances.

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