Nowadays, nothing is more important than the air we breathe, and it should be! Scientific studies have proved that the ambient air-quality plays a crucial role in the overall health conditions of the factory workers. Businesses, irrespective of their size should always pay close attention to make sure that their workforce is healthy. They can make sure that the ambient air is free from pollutants and is healthy by installing proper factory ventilation systems.

The Importance of Clean Air and Ventilation Systems

Clean air is not only beneficial for the workforce of a factory, but it is also the key factor behind increasing the productivity of the same by many folds and to provide a better environment to employees. If the ambient air is up-to-the-mark then the chances of the workers falling ill drops down drastically. It ensures that a company won’t have to spend thousands in compensation, lawsuits and penalties.

Thousands of workers around the world fall ill due to the adverse effects of poor quality ambient air or bad ventilation system of their workplace. One of the many reasons for falling ill is due to heatstroke. As per statistical reports, approximately 30 people die per year due to heatstroke all over the world.

A company can easily prevent these deaths by taking out the time and initiative to install efficient factory ventilation systems. It is best to partner up with a professional organization that would run a thorough analysis of the ventilation requirements of a company. It will make sure that the HVAC and air circulation systems of the facility are performing as they should.

Adverse Effects of Poor Air Quality in an Industrial Environment

It is essential to keep the ambient air free from pollutants and the temperature of the working environment within tolerable limits to ensure:

  • Poisonous fumes are vented out
  • Excess humidity is eradicated
  • Recommended level of moisture is maintained to cut chances of harm to the health of the workforce

In case an industrial facility fails to install factory ventilation systems that result in poor quality of air which can lead to adverse health hazards that include:

  • Irritation to the eyes
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Swelling of throat and nasal cavities
  • Disorientation
  • Nausea
  • Itchy skin
  • Rashes
  • Physical and psychological fatigue
  • Headache

Benefits of a Good and Efficient Ventilation System in an Industrial Plant

It is evident that a facility that has efficient factory ventilation systems installed in it is capable of maintaining the health of the workforce and recycle the energy. Other than that several other benefits include the following:

  • Control Impurities:  To keep ambient particulate matter and impurities under control
  • Minimise Condensation:  To prevent condensation, moisture accumulation over equipment and infrastructure at bay
  • Air Flow:  To maintain control over air flow/regulation that helps in maintaining utility bills and operational costs under control
  • Energy Saver:  By improving the building’s energy efficiency and proper ventilation system you can save you money and minimise energy bills.
  • Reduce Temperature: Without factory ventilation systems a facility is unable to keep the internal temperature of a workplace comfortable. When a lot of people are working in a confined space, it is natural for the air in that space to become hot and uncomfortable. It can be prevented by installing ventilation systems.


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