Many new glass display counter owners are often caught by surprise when they learn how fragile the case really is. In fact it doesn’t take a whole lot of force to cause all manners of damage to it and even the smallest bump can dent it or scratch it, causing permanent damage. This is definitely something you don’t want happening to your glass display counter especially if it’s brand new so here is a list of common mistakes that people normally make.

  • Never try to squeeze the wrongly sized glass display counter into the wrong space 

Many people would think this as obvious but it remains one of the most overlooked mistakes that new owners of glass display counter often makes on a regular basis. Some people only find out when it’s too late, that is after their new product has arrived then they discover they actually have much less than they had initially thought on where they could place their glass display counter. The worst thing to do at this point is to try and squeeze it into such a tight space because glass is fragile and should not be forced this way.

  • Watching out for rough edges or surfaces 

Depending on the kind of product you wish to exhibit in your lovely new glass display counter, it can save you a lot of anguish alter on if you take some time to carefully look for whether there are nay abrasive surfaces or sharp edges on the product itself that might scratch or damage your glass display counter. This happens often especially with jewelry and where it is not placed on top a holder and instead is left on the glass itself. This will easily cause permanent damage such as scratches to appear which may be impossible to buff out.

  • Be cautious when cleaning your glass display counter 

You really only get one chance at cleaning your glass display counter properly and by using the right tools to do so, you will eliminate any risk of causing irreparable damage however you should always remain vigilant and cautious as certain chemicals with high concentrations of cleaning agents can still be more than enough to corrode the glass on your glass display counter.

The whole point of you having this case is to not only allow yourself a platform in which you could promote your products to your clients proudly, but to also ensure it remains in optimal working condition for a long time to come.

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