Imagine walking into a clothes shop full of wardrobes filled with all kinds of wonderful clothes. However, the wardrobe doors are all shut and the only way of finding what you’re looking for is by opening every door and looking at each item one by one. Now imagine walking into a different shop where the clothes are laid out visibly, with enough space for browsing, enabling you to easily and quickly find your chosen item. Which shop would you return to? Needless to say, the shop that is easier to browse is the shop that attracts the most customers.

Of course this doesn’t just apply to clothes, any shop selling any type of goods needs to display its wares to best effect. However, if you are selling chilled food or drinks, or if you run a cafe, restaurant or bar, then it is imperative to make sure that your customers can clearly see the goods, but also that the items are being stored at the right temperature.

This is why it’s a wise idea to invest in some display fridges. As the name suggests, these fridges are designed to display your products effectively while ensuring that they are kept in the right type of environment.

If you operate a system where customers serve themselves, such as a supermarket or general store, then open-fronted, wall-sited fridges tend to be the best option. You can usually get slim-line versions of these too, so if you have limited space or narrow aisles these might be most suitable. Many of these types of fridges have been fitted with blinds which can be drawn at night to save energy.

Cafes and restaurants, or food shops such as butchers or fishmongers, usually display produce which will be served or sold to customers. The serve-over counters are generally available in flat or curved glass options, with a refrigerated under-storage facility where you can store any surplus items.

If you run a bar or pub, then you will probably need to opt for a back-bar fitting, with sliding or hinged doors for ease of access. Firms such as Capital Cooling can provide under-counter and counter-top versions for this type of outlet.

Wine needs to be kept at optimum temperature and your customers will thank you for a properly chilled glass of white or rose. A sophisticated wine display fridge lets your customers see what is available whilst at the same time keeping the beverages at just the right temperature.

In summary, getting your merchandise displays right is an integral part of enticing your customers to come back. Even if they are just buying a bottle of water, a customer will remember they could just walk in and buy it easily and who knows, next time they could be buying a lot more.

Sally Day is a retail expert who specializes in optimizing display areas. She writes a number of blogs and articles on related subjects, using Capital Cooling as a reference guide for chiller displays.

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