If you’re thinking of playing poker online, you’re not the only one! By now, many of us have started to hear stories about people making handsome bucks by playing poker online. And this is the reason why online poker gaming industry has been consistently growing at double digits. Online tables are very cheaper compared to the traditional poker rooms simply because they aren’t made up of bricks and mortars.

Honestly, a lot of players online are newbies who’ve just begun experimenting with their luck in this game. Poker is a game of skill, it requires strategies and good math, this is the reason why it has become legal in many countries and is increasingly gaining acceptance in the countries where it’s not. It has become talk of the town, and just like any other game, it requires some practice and dedication.

Research – Know the Rules

Proper research is needed to master anything and the same goes for poker. If you’ve decided to try this game for fun or to make some quick money, you need to visit some of the best online poker sites first. Familiarize yourself with the rules and read the guidelines very carefully.

Don’t bet big – Experience matters

Don’t bet big right from the start; try a few hands with free trial websites, or sites that are ready to give you bonus starting money. Play with small amount even if you’ve won a couple of hands and think you can bet for more, remember the players who bet more are experienced and you don’t want to take on them right now.

Skill set – Expert’s real secret

The skills that are required for winning a poker game is multi-level thinking, bluffing and basic maths. You should estimate the probability that your opponent is bluffing and has a worse hand or have a good hand and is still bluffing to keep you betting big. Using good estimation and maths might not guarantee you win, but will certainly increase your winning margin as well as decrease your loosing margin.

Devote proper time – Practice makes a man perfect

Don’t play it as a hobby or to distract yourself, the game requires your attention. You need to pay proper attention not just on your cards but on your opponent’s too. Being regular and consistent are the basics of every success story and it applies here too. Devote proper time – not too less that you don’t develop a proper understanding and not too much that it gets you exhausted, you concentration span take a nose dive and your assumptions becomes contradictory.

Key Strategies – Must read

There are a few strategies you need to keep in mind since the good players already know them.

    • Don’t play for draws and try your luck – once you got the cards, this game needs skills don’t bet because you think you’re lucky or you’re lucky today.
    • Position plays a big role, if you’re playing last, you have the knowledge of what others might have, use that info, you obviously can benefit from it.
    • Suited card’s aren’t high value ones, in fact, people who’ve mastered this game say they only impact 2-3% of the game.
    • Play against the one’s who’re worse than you. Yes, it sounds obvious but that’s because it’s true. Don’t just challenge the experts, you’ll lose more and learn less.
  • Don’t bluff much against the experienced, if you’re new to the game, you don’t know what your opponent’s thinking and whether he/she knows that you’ve been bluffing, so play safe and don’t over-bluff.

Poker tools – Yes they’re real

There are many useful software available on online that can help you keep your database, save sort and recall your had histories. It provides you with the feature to look up to previous hands saved in your history in real time and also, to flag them for later use. These are a must haves and especially when you’re new to the game. Analyse and review them whenever necessary and subsequently improve your calculations. The good news is many of these are available for free.

You can give it a try, if this game looks intimidating to you but remember, a good conqueror is also the one who is the best prepared!

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