The first mistake many bakers make is to ignore where the best ideas come from. If the boy or girl is born a child, just spend a few minutes on this child. You do not doubt what the special interests of this child!

If the guest of the birthday is a teenager or an adult, you may need research, unless, of course, this teenager or adult is not part of your family or a good friend. Children not only love the festive cakes that represent their passions. Just remember, if the cake is for an older child or teenager who stays away from children’s decorations.

Creating birthday-focused cakes on a theme is handy for a pocket-sized way to dazzle everyone with a wonderfully imaginative cake.

All you need to know

You probably already have all or most of what you would like to turn a leaf pie into a fun day at the beach. A little blue for the ocean of ice, some crushed Graham cookies blended with icing sugar for the beach, and you had a great start!

Initially, in order to soften the cream on the ice cream birthday cakes Victoria, blue icing can be applied on sparkling peaks to form waves. Then you can use a bit of white glaze on the white caps.

Or, if you want a smooth and clear ocean, use blue gel. Regardless of whether your sea has a glassy calm or full of waves, do not forget to turn on the coastline when applying blue gel or icing.

Now, for the fun part, it’s time to decorate the stage! These miniature umbrellas for cocktails in the supermarket create the perfect beach umbrellas. Pieces of rubber or fruit tape can provide beach towels or blankets under them. Plastic artisan store figures can bring life to a beach cake with people, dolphins and palm trees.

Or, if you like to model, prepare a batch of rubber paste and go to the city or to the beach! As you collect, it can be a fun birthday to create with children.

For a super light but brilliant birthday cake, follow the example of professional bakers and use a cake mold or a novelty! You will find them in all kinds of shapes, from cartoon characters and movies to boats and guitars.

And here’s another easy idea for a birthday cake: since small children love the words of the game, see if you can include them in a birthday message. Big Bird Cake, made simply from the mold, which conveys your message: Happy Bird-Day will send a preschool crowd into laughter attacks over this tricky pun.

Now it’s your turn! Consider the interests of the birthday and start brainstorming!

If you prefer a traditional double-layered round cake for your birthday cake, be sure to serve the birthday cake on a cake plate and not on a plate with food. This will prevent him from plunging into a depressed plate.

Here’s another suggestion about a birthday cake: think about how to use the design of the cake that is usually given to weddings: the cake or pie is folded. It really amazes a girl or boy, as well as guests.


Birthday cakes, stunned and laid, can be elegant, luxurious, fancy or just plain funny, such as a feline cake with a hat or an inverted birthday cake. And, as always, keep in mind the interests and tastes of the guests of honor when designing your creative cake.

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