Commercial dishwashers come in a variety of styles from front loading commercial dishwashers, pass through and rack conveyor commercial dishwashers. Front loading commercial dishwashers come in a variety of sizes from compact, standard and high capacity all depends on which commercial dishwashers is suitable for your business needs.

Even compact commercial dishwashers can wash as many as 420 dishes per hour on a two to three-minute wash cycles, therefore, compact industrial dishwashers are suitable for smaller business outlets with moderate food trade where commercial dishwashers make food service more efficient.


Compact commercial dishwashers have features that make the operation and maintenance easy to use and reliable from the user-friendly electromechanical control units making the commercial dishwashers easy to operate even during busy periods and easy to train to new employees. Wash tank filtration system in the commercial dishwashers should be easy to remove for easy cleaning preventing any build up of grime or bacteria from food wastage.

Other components of the commercial dishwashers should be easy to clean including the molded stainless steel interior, wash and rinse arms with anti-block jets. Strong and durable commercial dishwashers are double skinned and insulated construction which also retains the heat during the wash cycle.

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To ensure the commercial dishwashers are made to a high-quality standard, the parts should be made of WRAS approved Type A Airgap fitted as standard. For the busier outlet, businesses can buy commercial dishwashers that are capable of washing over 500 plates per hour. Standard size commercial dishwashers should also detergent and rinse aid dosing dumps ensuring you use the right amount of detergent each time or have an extra rinsing cycle for heavily soiled commercial dishwashers items.

Pass through commercial dishwashers are ideal for businesses that have plenty of space to store the industrial dishwashers and have the capacity to wash around 1000 plates per hour. Rack conveyor commercial dishwashers are sometimes custom built or preprogrammed to wash over 2000 plates per hour.

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