Millions of food products are produced and packaged across the world to provide supermarkets and shops with adequate quantities of stock products required to meet consumer demand. The pressure to mass produce food products is based upon the continuous demand from companies to generate sales profits and remain suitably stocked to match variable levels of fluctuating business, which is dictated by customers who require provisions in order to remain healthy. It is therefore imperative for product manufacturers to choose adequate methods and machinery that effectively pack any type of food into the appropriate packaging ready for distribution.

In accordance with food trading standards, production companies must ensure that the right quantity and weight of food contents are put into a distribution system or packaging machine. While the process of weighing and placing food into appropriate food can be done by human hands, the potential for human error and slow pace at which bulk quantities could be produced on a daily basis can be replaced by industry-leading technology.

Multi head Weighers are a perfect illustration of innovative machinery that is manufactured and installed by specialist companies for the greater benefit of the food production industry. It is based on computer technology which effectively distributes food produce into pool hoppers that accurately determine the overall weight that is fed down a discharge shoot and into a packaging machine.

Computer combination Weighers are designed and manufactured to utilize a considerable number of hoppers which effectively increases the speed of placing content into its appropriate packaging. The overall efficiency and accuracy at which a multi-head weigher can provide can ensure food packing companies can maintain quality control and continuously meet distribution deadlines to appease their business partners.

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