Nowadays, around 70% of urban children suffer from different levels of dental caries and cavity problems. The main dental diseases in children are the carcinogenic and anticodon. Here are tips on how to avoid cavity problems in children’s.

Develop a habit of brushing teeth

Many parents often only care about children’s food and wearing, but do not pay attention to the training of the child brushing habits. They have little knowledge of cultivating the habit of brushing the teeth. Even some hold the wrong consciousness that it is not important that cleaning teeth or not, because their deciduous teeth will be replaced. Children should brush their teeth not only to clean mouth, but by brushing teeth to obtain massage and stimulation and strengthen tooth resistance to germs. You will get dental decay easily once you don’t have the habit of cleaning teeth every day. The reason is that when you are in childhood, the whole body organs have not developed well, teeth low degree of calcification with high organic content as well as eating sweet food. Therefore, you should patiently teach your children to develop the habit of cleaning teeth from childhood and be sure the ways are right to give full play to brushing teeth, usually from two and a half to three years old.

Selecting appropriate toothbrush

If you want to clean your oral cavity and decrease the teeth diseases, you should select the appropriate toothbrush as well as the right brushing teeth ways. Usually, we should select the sanitary brush. The toothbrush fur has 2-3 rows with soft and elastic hair. If brush bent down, please replace new toothbrush. Please clean it after use it and place it in a sunshine place.

Children Diet

In addition, besides brushing your teeth regularly, you should also pay attention to your children’s diets. Some food are corrosive to teeth and it becomes important that children should brush their teeth every time the eat them. Sugary foods are harming to children teeth and should be avoided as much as possible.

Appropriate knocking of teeth

Children should exercise their teeth and gums and keep knocking teeth. Knocking teeth means that two rows teeth knock each other every morning. If so, the teeth resistance will be increased. What is more, doctor emphasized that you should lay emphasis on your children’s teeth inspection and correction. Once you find that it has problems, you should lead your children to go to hospital.

Protect the six-year-old tooth

Children first have six-year-old tooth when they are 6 year-old. Protecting the six-year-old tooth is very important, because many children caries occurred early because they didn’t protect six-year-old tooth. A lot of children hold it as secret because they fear the ache. Even parent regard that the teeth should be replaced. So to this age children, parents should always pay attention to the situation of children’s six-year-old teeth.

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