It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling, going to the beach or grocery shopping. Everyone needs a good bag to carry with them. That is exactly the reason why you can’t go wrong with custom bags. Firstly, why do you need a custom bag? Most of the time there is a specific event or need for your order. It can be any of the following:-

  • Bridal parties
  • Stores and shops
  • Goodie bags
  • School giveaways
  • Fitness centres and many more such events.

Tips for customizing your bags

Adding your design can be the most fun part. You will want a bag which looks good. Thus, for this to happen you need to choose the right type of material. Soft fluffy cotton is one of the most common materials for bags. Furthermore, cotton is natural and is naturally harvested.

This is also better for the planet in the long run. It is comfortable and won’t weigh down on your shoulders. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why printed cotton bags are widely used.

However, other materials like paper bags, plastic bags, a polyester backpack which have no design on them can also be used.

The most essential part is to decide on a look and then start. Therefore, as mentioned, going with a comfortable material is also a crucial part of the design. Furthermore, pick the right colour schemes. Choose the right type of bag and determine the style. Decide the right looks for your bags.

You can go for printing which is popular these days. There is an increase in the companies enquiring about printing services for highly marketable printed cotton bags.

 Making a stencil

Making a silkscreen stencil can help you create unique designs on your own. You will need to make a design on your computer, scan it and print it on a transparency sheet. Use a thin layer of paint on each side of your screen and let it dry.

Hand painting on a bag

For creative minds hand painting a cotton bag can also be an option. Picking the kind of paint will affect the result of your painting. Acrylic paint is thicker and dries faster which makes colour blending harder. Oil paint takes longer to dry which allows you to blend colour more nicely.

Hand stamping

This is an easy method for personalising your very own tote bag. All you need to do is draw your desired stamp shape onto a sponge. Cut it and soak it with ink on an ink pad. Next, just stamp on your canvas tote bag. This will give you beautiful results.

Furthermore, customizing cotton bags can never go out of fashion and endless possibilities will keep adding in the future.

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