All Weather Access is a renowned supplier of ground protection mats. It is based in Essex and provides all kinds of ground protection techniques.

The ground underneath is susceptible to damage from a number of factors. Your high heels may churn out the soft green grass in the lawns. When organising a party in the open spaces of your home, you would worry about the aesthetics being worsened. Other than these, garden or waste clearance Lorries would damage your driveways and patios.

All such problems can be easily curbed using the ground protection mats. These mats work efficiently to protect the underlying earth from the heavy loads of vehicles and machinery. The protection mats are highly durable and strong and easily withstand heavy loads.

All weather Access offers you the best solutions to create artificial walkways and paths. You can hire mats whenever you need them.All the service is available at the most appropriate time according to the convenience of the client. The team shows its competency by delivering the mats in time, carrying out proper installations and finally carrying away all the mats once the purpose has been fulfilled.

However you need to provide detailed information indicating your need and preferences.

  •         Timing and the location where you want to place the mats.
  •         Purpose of lying the mats i.e. do you need mats for bulky loads construction sites, parking or green spaces.
  •         Accurate size of the flooring
  •         You need to describe the existing soil condition. Is the soil beneath coarse, grainy, loamy or rocky?

Types of mats provided By All weather Access:

The customers can book different kinds of protection mats depending upon their need. The mats can be booked for both long and short term purposes.

TuffTrack Mats: These mats are strong and are used for creating temporary roads, pedestrian walkways and driveways. They are generally used at construction sites with heavy machinery and equipment. Tuff Tracks are low transportation costs and can be easily laid on the rough terrains.

Euro Mats:Euro Mats must be laid in places where they are medium to heavy loads. It is suitable where lighter goods are being carried using Lorries, vans and mini-trucks. Apart, they can be used to lay protection covering for outdoor spaces.

The EuroMats are not too bulky and can be easily carried by two persons.

Trak Mats: These mats are the most ideal solutions if you want a protection for your lawns and gardens. They are best to be used for parks, green spaces and golf courses and can be easily transported without larger manpower.

Ultra Deck: This is a lightweight protection mat that can be used to create temporary floorings for vehicles and pedestrians. It is used to protect flooring in stadiums and tents and other venues where you are planning to organise an event.

Ultradeck mats can be customised to any shape depending upon the need.

GeoGrids: They can be easily installed and are used to create flooring for grounds with grass and stones. They do not require much maintenance and can be laid to any shape.

When planning for an outdoor event or anything else, hire the protections mats at the earliest to preserve your aesthetics.

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