Phuket is one of the beautiful Islands in Thailand that encompasses a lot of white sand beaches and other luxurious amenities that people can visit to enjoy their holidays. Besides the fascinating beaches, there are also wonderful five-star hotels where people can book rooms and enjoy their nights. Since it’s an island packed with distinguished luxurious amenities, you will enjoy a lot, and definitely, the chances of you gaining weight are very high. Below are some of the tips that you can use to maintain a perfect weight range as you enjoy your time on the beach. 

Drink a Glass of Water before Eating 

Controlling your food intake is important when you tour an Island like Phuket. You will encounter a lot of delicious dishes which you might be tempted to eat always. Drinking water will make your stomach to feel full always thereby making you to reduce your food intake. You will not only maintain an optimum weight, but you will also lose weight which is good for your health. Always make sure that you eat natural foods because they don’t add excess calories to your body. 

Eat a Lot of Fruits and Organic Foods 

Artificial or processed foods normally contain excess fats and calories which can make people gain a lot of weight. Most of these foods include ice creams, deep fries and other kinds of processed foods so make sure that you cautiously eat them. Most people who tour Phuket prefer relaxing on the beach while enjoying processed foods and this is what makes them to gain excess weight. Organic foods are in plenty, and they are even cheaper compared to processed foods so make sure that you buy them. Go to the local markets and ensure that you buy delicious native foods. 

Exercise Every Day during Your Holiday 

It’s a holiday so many people normally like relaxing stress-free. When you relax and eat a lot, there are high chances that you will gain weight because very little fats are going to be broken down. You don’t need to exercise for long, just enroll in a gym or training camps and train for at least three hours per day. You will burn excess calories and fats which will make you lose weight and attain a perfect body physique. With regular exercising, even your cardiovascular functioning will be enhanced, and you attain a perfect health. Suwit gym is a Muay Thai camp in Phuket . 

Muay Thai is also a nice game that can make you to lose weight and attain a perfect physical fitness. You need to ensure that you enroll in a training camp where you will be taken through the whole training process. You will start with simple exercises like jogging, pushups and weight lifting before you advance to kicking and punching techniques. This game will not only make you to lose weight, but it will also equip you with self-defense skills. Make sure that you enroll in approved training camps where you will receive outstanding training.

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