There are many different sizes of paper available these days with the most common size being that of A4 paper. A4 paper is something that the majority of people will use on an everyday basis, whether it is in work or at home on their laptop or PC. It is generally available in packets of 500 sheets, generally known as a ream, with a wide range of different qualities on offer. A standard packet of A4 paper is perfect for printing out those documents you need in a hurry for work, or it is ideal for your children to use for their school work and projects.

A4 paper is also used in photocopiers and fax machines as well as our everyday printers. If you want some A4 paper for use at home you pick up a ream almost anywhere these days. Computer shops and stationers obviously sell all kinds of different papers, but your local newsagent or supermarket will probably stock a small range as well.

Should you require a larger amount of A4 paper then the internet is a great place to shop. There are many different retailers to choose from online, all of whom are offering A4 paper at very competitive prices as they via for your business. The more packets or reams of A4 paper you buy the cheaper they become, with significant discounts available in some cases.

You can buy A4 paper that has been recycled if you are concerned about the environment, and you can also buy quality photo paper should you wish to print out your own photos and holiday snaps at home. If you are into crafting and making your own cards then you can even buy quality A4 paper that will suit your needs, and you will even be able to find A4 paper in different colours too.

You can even buy other types of A4 paper as well like Ink-jet papers and laser papers. No matter what type of business you are in you are in, or whatever you want to use your A4 paper for, you are sure to find a suitable brand and colour that fits your own personal needs.

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