People with different skin problems apply lotion to their skin. It provides relief from inflammation and other diseases. A person suffers from skin problems, when microorganisms start preying. When the sebaceous glands are overactive, they produce excessive sebum. Due to excessive secretion of sebum, microorganisms begin dwelling in the area. The skin becomes porous and microorganisms or unwanted substances easily enter through the pores. So, when the lotions or creams are applied, they block the pores and prevent the unwanted organisms from entering into the pores. 

Who should apply ketomac cream?

So, usually people with skin infections apply ketomac cream to be relieved from certain skin disorders. Usually, people suffering from any skin irritation problems; apply cream to their skin because they feel relieved. Some of the creams such as ketomac can relieve a person with acute skin problems. It relieves people with extreme irritation usually apply this cream such as joch itch, ringworm, seborrhea dermatitis, athlete’s foot etc. These creams should be applied to the skin as directed by the doctors. It is a medicated product that kills the fungus present on the skin. It is synthetic agent that contains ketoconzole of 2%. 

How ketomac helps in fighting infections?

The cell membranes produce ergosterol that allows the unwanted substance to enter through the pores. But, if the ketomac lotion is applied, then the ergosterol production is curbed. It weakens the cell membranes and the fungi eventually leak out through the pores. This lotion kills the fungi and yeasts that stimulate the cell membranes. They hamper the production of ergosterol that forms an essential element of cell membranes. Due to the ergosterol production, holes are formed, but if the production is curbed, then holes are not formed and hence the unwanted substances do not enter through the pores. 

So, ketomac is an antifungal medication to prevent the growth of fungus and is also used to treat different yeast infections. It is used to treat people with problems such as cutaneous candidiasis. It is also used to treat different flaking, inflammatory skin conditions, athletes and jock itch etc. If the area is become greasy due to skin problems, then it gets moisturized and the excessive oily content is drained away. 

To apply, the lotion, a person should clean the area thoroughly. Then, the area should be dried before applying it. Then, just a layer of cream should be applied to the affected area. Then, after applying the medication, the area should not be covered with bandage or wrapped. It should be retained on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes. This treated skin should not be washed for nearly 3 hours because the medication should penetrate deeply into the skin. It should be applied just once or twice a week as recommended by the physician. 

The ketomac tube cream should not be applied to the skin unless prescribed by the physician because it is used to treat people with acute skin infections. The people who are hypersensitive to any cream should not apply it. The medicine should be used for 2 to 4 weeks.    

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