If the ceiling of your premises is no longer fit for purpose or you have recently purchased a new home, following the support of a Conveyancing Solicitors way such as , you might be concerned about the upheaval and expense of replacing it. Full replacement might not be necessary, however, and there are a number of creative ways to cover your ceiling without the hassle of completely replacing it.

When Your Ceiling Needs Replacing

In the case of severe water or fire damage, replacement might be the only option. If the ceiling is no longer structurally sound, the entire thing will need removing and replacing. If, however, the ceiling only has superficial damage, or if you want to replace it simply because it’s unsightly, covering it may be a more affordable and practical option. Another scenario might be that your building has a glazed – or partially glazed – ceiling or roof, and you need to cover this for practical reasons.

Options for a Covering Ceiling

One of the best materials for covering an unsightly ceiling or modernising a building is tensile fabric. This tough, versatile fabric is becoming more and more popular in the UK due to the almost limitless design possibilities it offers.

Tensile fabric structures, including ceilings in buildings of all sizes have been constructed by a variety of companies. Probably the most famous example of fabric being used in architecture in the UK was the Millennium Dome, which was constructed by fixing tensioned fabric over a steel frame. Fabric is not just used for the exterior of buildings, however. Many businesses and institutions use fabric structures or false ceilings to add interest to foyers, atriums and other areas. Fabric can have practical advantages too and can be extremely useful in providing shade in buildings with a lot of glass.

Depending on the type of ceiling you need to cover, you also have the option of installing a false ceiling using the more traditional method of panels. While this can be more affordable than replacing the entire ceiling, panels can look dated unless you choose carefully. You will also not have the flexibility afforded by tensile fabric, which can be fitted in a range of shapes to create an eye-catching and unique finish.

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